Oscar Mendieta also known as Dj Madd od was born in a small town in Nicaragua. Madd OD now resides in Washington D.C. & Miami, Madd OD is a DJ/Producer and host of events. OD was a key factor in the development of Latin Artist “Fuego” in the early stages of his career. OD participated in many tours as Fuegos Tour DJ for years. He became an Official “Shadyville DJs” memeber and was promoted to President of “Shadyville DJS Latino” the Latin Division. OD has been djing for 19 years Playing Hiphop, EDM International music and Tropical Latin. He has released Multiple Eps, Mixtapes, and has participated in multiple International Tours. Madd OD is on tour most of the year but when not on tour Madd OD is involved in multiple shows and club events.

Madd OD also is not all music as he is involved in business matters in D.C. He is co-Founder of Washington DC based Label “ALL IS ON ENTERTAINMENT”. Madd OD has shared the stage alongside many acts like Nadastrom, Daddy Yankee, Pitbull, Nicky Jam, Neyo, Bachata Heights, 24 horas, Sensato, Plan B, and many more. Madd OD has traveled to perform in more than 18 countries. A Pioneer in the Moombahton genre he was one of the first djs to move the sound while touring the world introducing it to artist and DJ’s alike. Dj MADD OD has tracks with Henry Santos from Aventura, Sensato, Tony Touch, Crooked Stilo, & Fuego.

MAdd OD gained a lot of momentum as “DJ LEGACY” early in his career. While trying to promote new artists and a Latin Hip-hop Movement in 2005 “DJ Legacy” was black balled from his city and radio stations. Oscar Had to Change his stage Name to MADD OD and leave the area to re-invent himself. After Joining Forces with his Current Partner Wootay, he was able to return as MADD OD with a new image and way of promoting himself and his Music. Madd od began Producing more and being more involved in the Label Side of the Music Business. OD Has helped develop many artist on his label and will continue to inspire new artist alike.

DJ MADD OD is working on his Next Project Titled “Power Tr3s” a third installment to his Power Series. He is also set to release a new set of mixtapes form his “Invasion” Series when he was “DJ LEGACY”. Keep a look out for new Tracks and Mixes.


Specializes in Moombahton,

Also spins hiphop, reggaeton, mambo, house, dutch, salsa. Bachata, dembo, tribal, cumbia, tropical bass,

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